Corporate Philosophy

Create value for customers and society through contributing to the advancement of technology.

Since our inception in 1938, we have constantly crafted original technology that meets the needs of the times and have engaged in R&D for cemented carbide, precision mold parts, and spray nozzles. The brand name "Everloy" is a blending of the words "forever" and "alloy." Our name reflects our desire to make alloys that will be always valued and loved by our customers forever. In order to maintain trust with our customers, we will continue to offer superior products and services with value as the backbone of this brand that is full of our hopes and dreams.

Business Creed - Our Values -

Co-Existence and Mutual Prosperity.

We respect all people who are involved with our company and develop together.

Fairness and Openness.

We will have a fair and honest attitude.

Friendly Cooperation.

We value mutual cooperation.

Constant Improvement.

We strive for constant improvement and innovation.

Management Policy

Offer environment-minded products of value to customers.

Continuous market introduction for high quality products with price competitiveness. Strengthening of product development and early market introduction of new products.

Improve production and promote quick delivery.

Strengthen cooperation between the cemented carbide division, processing division, and nozzle division.

Improve company-wide efficiency.
Strive for an organization that can realize growth by company-wide cooperation.