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Business Description

Everloy cemented carbide

We are constantly developing new carbide materials in a wide range of fields, such as wear resistant tools and metal molds.

Everloy cemented carbide utilizes the hardness and strength to create drills, milling cutters, bites, and other cutting tools for metal processing.
It is also used in metal molds for aluminum drink cans, powder molding molds for automobile engine parts, metal molds for electronics, and more.
We strive for detailed research and development that meets the needs of our customers in order to provide the best cemented carbide.

Everloy precision machining

Everloy's precision machining has achieved great results in a wide variety of fields, including the metal mold industry and the need for submicron precision.

Everloy's precision machining has proven results in a wide variety of fields, including the semiconductor industry, motor industry, automobile part industry, and the metal mold industry where submicron accuracy is required for inspection systems or equipment that realizes high precision processing. We are constantly concentrating on new knowledge and technology, and we offer high quality products that our customers can use safely.

Everloy spray nozzle

We are constantly looking for new ideas and technological innovation while developing nozzles with superior quality and creativity.

Everloy spray nozzles are used for cooling, cleaning, cutting, drying, humidity regulation, spraying, and many other uses. At Everloy, we offer the best nozzles for our customers, from offering support for selecting a nozzle and offering semi- and full custom orders to meet a customer's needs to joint development.
Searching for greater possibilities, we develop nozzles with superior quality and creativity through constant research and development.

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